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2016 Brabus 6.1 Widestar – Review and Specification

2016 Brabus 6.1 Widestar Exterior

2016 Brabus 6.1 Widestar Review

The BRABUS Mercedes GL Class in light of WIDESTAR is an adjustment of the visual program and execution to be introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The BRABUS Mercedes GL Class will WIDESTAR 456 hp and 615 Nm of torque. The BRABUS Mercedes GL WIDESTAR quickens to 100 km/h in 6 seconds and has a top speed of 255 kmh.

2016 Brabus 6.1 Widestar Press Release:

BRABUS WIDESTAR Based on Mercedes GL Class

Enormous first class tune surrender with up to 462 hp (456 bhp)/340 kilowatts

Solid back bumpers and wheels rocket goliath 23 inches and a solid surface impact

The remuneration of stunning lines Rockets stickers incorporate five centimeters (two inches) to the width of significant truck. rocker examination tables have more visual effect; They likewise have

Yield area and support outside vehicle with its lights facilitated step.

Draw in the front of the BRABUS cooking builds WIDESTAR air supply radiators and front brakes cooling. Similarly, it enhances security with assistant high element columns and haze lights, furthermore by lessening streamlined lift.

The back of the WIDESTAR has a spoiler on the rooftop and a dark skirt and more extensive wings. Changing the exactness of four stainless steel tailpipes coordinated BRABUS diffuser and watch cuts

2016 Brabus 6.1 Widestar Sports daily paper debilitating retail environment

All sections of the BRABUS body are made from Pur-R-Rim in OEM quality, guaranteeing impeccable exact conformity and guarantee that the fragments are less hard to paint everything.

The BRABUS WIDESTAR additionally made space for uncommon tire sizes. The choicest wheels’ frame highlights BRABUS E 11Jx23 MonoBlack three sections. These wheels have delivered new radios, astoundingly center cleaning get together and can be fitted with Pirelli or YOKOHAMA 305/35 R23 street above gauge.

The BRABUS WIDESTAR can likewise be furnished with wheels Monoblack VI delivered 21-following or 22-crawl Monoblack VI of Plan E, families or S for the most part, best found in blend with the diminishment in the tallness of the body.

BRABUS brings down the GL class of around 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) with a custom module for the AIRMATIC air suspension. This has the general appearance of the vehicle and enhances care and vitality to bolster a lessening in the point of convergence of gravity.

To encourage enhance the welfare of the element BRABUS offers different types of higher log jam systems. The greatest change implies aluminum calipers and vented made 12 barrels and punctured 380 x 36 mm (15.0 x 1.42 inches) hovers on the front pivot. The back turn clips six-barrel is introduced.

The position requires compelling WIDESTAR all, yet an all the more capable motor. Brabus offers execution tuning for all GL models. BRABUS Tuning Warranty of its kind for quite a while up to 100,000 kilometers (see BRABUS guarantee conditions as of November 2006) additionally covers all motor adjustments.

Set power BRABUS extra turbodiesel motors accessible for standard rail, especially visit. Give more imperativeness, while in the meantime meeting stringent Euro IV limits yield.

The BRABUS D6 (III) module amplifies the execution of the outrageous force of 272 hp GL 320 CDI (268 hp)/200 kilowatts and 590 Nm zenith of engine (435 lb-ft) at 1,600 rpm single match.

Furnished with BRABUS PowerXtra D8 (III) conformity, GL Assessment quality 420 CDI pass the standard 306 hp (302 bhp)/225 kW to 350 hp (345 bhp)/257 kW at 3800 rpm as it were. Then, a couple creates zenith 700-800 nm (516-590 lb-ft). The yield is high Anchorman:

The BRABUS GL 420 CDI sprints-scope of 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 7.1 seconds, a substantial part of a second speedier than the programmed creation. The most outrageous speed differs from 230 to 240 kmh (143-149 mph).

For V8 gas models GL 450 and GL 500 BRABUS offers its 6.1 motor removing as the best way. It offers 462 hp (456 bhp)/340 kW, 615 Nm bigger motor (454 lb.- ft.) of torque. Furnished with this motor 4×4 animates 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 6.0 seconds and achieves a top speed of 255 kmh (158 mph).

All BRABUS motors are greased up only with ARAL engine oil first class

One of a kind selectivity is the BRABUS control run in respect to revamp the GL-Class inside. The furniture store business changes Claiming exceptional alternatives completely depicted wonderfully clients in cowhide calfskin and Alcantara cow Mastik especially sensitive and breathable.

The position additionally incorporates numerous additional items hotel BRABUS alluring spreads. They rub plates BRABUS logo lightweight parts in aluminum brandish stainless steel, for instance, the pedals and the ergonomics of the info stick handles in a wheel sets.

Blended media on wheels is another solid purpose of BRABUS. Control comfort at the back of the home front seat LCD seven observing and DVD player. These consoles are additionally accessible with a table with coordinated power supply.

Sight and sound bundle can be extended with bigger screens sent from the rooftop with a PC going to play a part with the web and a MP3 player that stores more than 5,000 tunes.


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